Poundland accused of 'pointless' plastic waste over Valentine gift

Environmental campaigners have accused Poundland of creating unnecessary plastic waste by selling a Valentine's Day gift consisting of a heart-shaped package with nothing in it.

Called the Gift Of Nothing, the product is accompanied by the taglines "exactly what you asked for" and "less is more".

Julian Kirby, lead campaigner on plastics at Friends Of The Earth, said: "It's almost a riddle in itself.

"Who would actually want this, and who would buy it?

"The rest of the world sees the need for only the most essential plastics, with a fast phase-out of all other wasteful plastics, so let's hope folly like this goes unloved and doesn't re-appear."

Is this really a thing @Poundland ? Didn’t you get the #plasticfree memo?

Thoughts everyone? #plasticfreecommunities #surfersagainstsewage @EKOearth_